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6 years ago

Achievements Ahoy – covers achievements (funnily enough) and achievement planning.

ALT: ernative

Amateur Azerothian

Amerence Loves WoW

Arsenic & Old Mooncloth

Azeroth. Me.

Azeroth Observer


Courtney Doodles


Effraeti’s RP

Flavor Text – warcraft, lore, academic analysis

Girls Do Play WoW - cosplay/video blogs etc

Go Mog Yourself – multi author transmog site

Grimmtooth’s Troops – multi author. LOVE this site.

GTFOOTF – covers WoW, Rift & SWTOR

Guild Mum

I Like Bubbles – frankly hilarious.

Jed’s Corner of WoW Shenanigans

Kill Ten Rats – also covers other MMOs. Multi-author.

Kiss My Alas – also covers mages. made of awesome.

Miss PewPew

MMO Champion – first place to go to for breaking warcraft news/datamined info

MMO Melting Pot – covers multiple MMOs including WoW, collates articles and info from across the internet

Mohawk Troll

My World of Whoa


Orcish Army Knife - also covers Lore, general WoW, transmog, EVERYTHING. *added 23/02/2012*

Paragon – website for one of the top guilds in the world

Parallel Context

Perks and Peeves

Postcards from Azeroth – screenshots

Rez the Weak

Rigarmorty aka Pryderic Ramblings – podcasts et al

RNGesus – raiding strats and videos & pvp discussions

Scribblings on the Asylum Wall

Sheep the Diamond *added 23/02/2012*

Sisterhood of Kia

Six Dee - also covers SWTOR

Stopcast – podcast

The Daily Blink – comedy and cartoons

The Daily Casual

The Grumpy Elf

The Other Tank

The Warchief’s Command Board – in character updates from Garrosh!

The Ready Check

Tobold’s MMORPG Blog

Troll Racial’s are Overpowered

Wabbage’s Warblings – also covers SWTOR

Warcraft of the Worlds – also covers Diablo 3

World of Matticus

World of Saz

WoW IGN Vault – news

WoW Insider – news and opinion

WoW Interface – add on site

WoW Rare Spawns

WoW Stuck


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